Harris Meats &Groceries Inc

VEGETABLE TRAYS                                 $50.00
FRUIT TRAYS                                             $55.00
CHEESE TRAYS                                          $50.00
PICKLE TRAYS                                           $25.00

DELUXE SOCIAL PACK                        $1.99/person

Includes : Old Fashioned Ham, Roast Beef, Turkey Breast, Corned Beef, Coil Garlic Sausage,  Cheese, Pickles, Rye Bread, Ripple Chips, Pretzels, Mustard, Paper Plates, & Napkins.

REGULAR SOCIAL PACK                    $1.45/person

Includes: Cooked Ham, Salami, Coil Garlic Sausage, Cheese, Pickles, Rye Bread, Chips, Mustard, Paper Plates & Napkins.

Please note: we take social pack orders in incriments of 50 people and we need at least 48 hours notice.